Banning of WebHuddle from Sourceforge

  • I find it most disturbing that this project can no longer be found when searching for it on Sourceforge but only by searching on Google.  The open source project that I work with, WorldVistA, is highly dependent upon the use of WebHuddle and greatly appreciates it.  We are able to host a server ourselves as needed, but in addition, John McCaughey has provided a site for use free of charge and with great support for it in the event it is needed, however rarely.    Had I know that contacting him directly in the event of a need for help might have contributed to the apparent assassination of this project on Sourceforge, I would always have posted my requests to this site. 

    Folks who use WebHuddle when invited to a conference by WorldVistA are equally impressed with how well it works and the economic advantage of using it, but it has nonetheless been relegated to the dust bins on Sourceforge.  We use it nationally and internationally for collaboration and I can't say enough good things about it.

    I urge those of you who read this posting to join me in trying to find a way to get this project back on search engine for Sourceforge.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

    Hopefully Sourceforge has not also blocked this forum for reaching out to others for help on behalf of this project.

    And John, thank you so much for what you do. 

  • Agreed.  i am amazed this project is not the most popular not just on sourceforge, but across the internet.
    i suspect that all the spammers that posted to the project and the inactivity that did occur did not help, but now the spammers seem to be gone. 

    There was a small patch added 2 months ago, but the the main page says "Last Update: 2011-06-29" … hmmm.