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  • thor918

    thor918 - 2007-10-04

    I use opera browser 9.23, that has Sun Java Runtime Environment version 1.6..
    webhuddle does not seem to work in this envirment.
    When I as an moderator, create an session and start it. the wevhuddle applet will load.
    the gui is loaded, but everything is greyed out. when I do exactly the same in Internet Explorer, it loads perfectly, and the session is registered as started.

    from what I can see in webhuddle, this tool seems extremly interesting....
    I do have some suggestions:
    * In playback:
          please add a progressbar with the ability to navigate in time...
          please disable chat/question button
          perhaps something to indicate that this is not a live show
    * The ablility to share screens between users
       perhaps this is possible allready?,,
       and it would be great to have remote control abilities.
    * status icons on the right down corner, could need some mouseover text.. I realy don't understand what all those reprecentate. a new user would most likly think there is too much of the new stuff, that they don't know what is...

    "OpenOffice.org (optional): If you want to support uploading PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress files, you
    need to install OpenOffice.org 2.0 or higher, available for download from here [http://www.openoffice.org/]."

    okey. I just installed openoffice, and ppt files does not work...

    when is the next binary going to be downloadable?

    • thor918

      thor918 - 2007-10-04

      oops I see there is more steps in the openoffice install.
      will try more

    • thor918

      thor918 - 2007-10-04

      okey. ppt works... it did work once I did the extra steps. :D
      however. it was slow on my vmware server.

    • John McCaughey

      John McCaughey - 2007-10-05

      Thanks for the feedback! 

      I just filed a bug to track the opera issue, and a feature request for progress bar on playback, and one for disabling the control area on playback.

      Any participant may be promoted to moderator and share their screen.  There's no remote control but this my be added in the future

      To set up OpenOffice integration with WebHuddle, you need to edit an OpenOffice configuration file.  Did you do the instructions from the manual?  If so and it still didn't work, please share some more details/error messages form <jboss>/server/default/log/server.log

      I hope to put out a binary soon but can't promise it.  If you want you can grab the source from CVS and compile that.

      Thanks again for the great feedback!

      • thor918

        thor918 - 2007-10-05

        thanks John McCaughey!

        I did get the "ppt" to work after my first post. I did the extra config steps, and it worked as it should do.

        may I ask if there are some way to restrict access too whom can start conferations?

        • John McCaughey

          John McCaughey - 2007-10-08

          By default WebHuddle is self-service, so people can create accounts for themselves, but if you want you can configure it to use an external authentication mechanism. 

          Two supported systems are sql and ldap.  So if you have your users in an sql table, for example, you can configure WebHuddle to authenticate usernames/passswords using that table.  Details on how to do this are in the user manual -- please post again if you have questions about it or want a new feature.

        • Rojer

          Rojer - 2007-10-23

          I am experiencing all the problems listed here.

          1. Webhuddle is not working with Mozilla
          2. PowerPoint presentation is not getting uploaded. Upload errors out stating upload the .ppt or .sxi file.

          What are the solutions to both of these problems.

    • OmiKrOn

      OmiKrOn - 2007-10-20

      My God thanks for this post, it's all clear for me now.

      I had the same problem but using mozilla. Please see http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1834684&forum_id=391246


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