Upload limit exceeded

  • aarsenca

    aarsenca - 2007-12-04

    We are testing WebHuddle on the public server. We successfully uploaded a 3 MB Powerpoint files but we received an "upload limit exceeded" message when we tried to upload a 14 MB file. What is the current limit on the public server? Is this limit lifted when the software is installed on our own server?


    • John McCaughey

      John McCaughey - 2007-12-05

      Thans for the post!

      I think the limit is 10 MB.  Yes: if you install your own server you can change it to whatever you want.

      • Irrgaertner

        Irrgaertner - 2008-05-08

        Yes, but HOW do you change the upload maximum file size?

        There seems to be also a problem with Powerpoint files with many slides, in my case 267 slides (but only 8 MB file size). I never got a message, the upload seems to run endlessly


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