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Web Contact Manager / News: Recent posts

Setup Wizard Improvements

Getting this tool running "the first time" is greatly improved in several ways. The help files are pre-built, so, if you simply unzip and run the interface, it detected it hasn't been installed and points you to the help. The Setup Wizard was also improved to correctly create the db and tables, and permit you to create the first super user for this db. Other parts of the Setup Wizard will also check the server configuration, if the needed folders are writable, and so on.

Posted by David Smart 2012-08-08

Production Stable Release v1.0

Revision 199: Numerous minor enhancements (and bug fixes) based on additional installations. A side effect is an improved SourceForge hosted demo version. Significantly revised the help system to have some context sensitive help and as a searchable help - using Doxygen. Unfortunately, this change to the help system eliminated the translations that existed (but were never completed, so not a huge loss).

Posted by David Smart 2010-09-26

Production Stable release

Version 0.8 of Web Contact Manager is available. In spite of the number, this version is considered production stable and is in steady use.

Posted by David Smart 2009-10-18

Beta release available

The code has been in production on a couple of servers for over 6 months. The rough edge is in the installation on new environments, which has been done manually to date. Instructions are in the documentation for the manual install.

Posted by David Smart 2009-09-17