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WebChess v1.0.0rc2 Released!

Its been a long time since our last release, but here at last is the second Release Candidate for WebChess v1.0.0!

This release focused mostly on fixing bugs and making the v1.0.0 release as stable as possible, but a couple of new features still managed to sneak their way in.

The first thing you may notice is the new install process: just point your browser to install.php in your WebChess directory on your server and it will walk you through the setup of your MySQL database. A big thanks goes out to rigao for this one!... read more

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2010-08-23

WebChess is now officially GPL v3!

I have just checked in the necessary changes to upgrade the WebChess project from v2 to v3!

This follows a near unanimous discussion on the WebChess Users Mailing List whereby everyone wanted to see WebChess gain this new license. This licensing change will allow WebChess to be compatible with code contributed under the Apache license as well as gain additional protection afforded to web applications in v3.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2010-08-14


Looks like we've been hit with some spam. For the moment I've disabled all anonymous postings. I apologize, but you'll need a sourceforge account to post for now.

To my developers: I'm sorry, but I've temporarily disabled your access to the project as well while I get everything sorted out. If you are still interested in WebChess development, please contact me through my users.sourceforge.net email account.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2010-08-05

We're back!!!

Looks like the old team is coming back together! :) Things are stirring up again... could a release be in the works?

WebChess Developer

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2007-12-04

Election For A New Project Leader

Hello everyone,
Its embarassing to see the last post I made was a year ago. Its been a difficult year for me, my health hasn't been well. Regulars here will realize I've been mostly silent these past months as my health hit rock bottom during the summer.

I released WebChess into the open domain mainly so it would survive. While it pains me to realize this, I must make the further sacrifice now of stepping down as Project Leader for WebChess. All Open Source projects require strong leadership in order to move forward, and my health has left me unable to perform my duties. By now, it was my hope that work would be near completion on WebChess 2, but I've been unable to drive this effort forward. I alone am to blame for this, it was clearly my responsability as Project Leader.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2005-09-29

WebChess in the top 100!

WebChess is currently, as this is being written, in the top 100 list of 'Most Active' projects on SourceForge:

71 WebChess 99.621

Not bad for a small project considering that there are 88,129 registered projects at SourceForge.

- Dadi Jonsson

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-09-30

WebChess 0.9.0 Released!

WebChess is an HTML-based online chess game designed to work through firewalls. This release contains a few new features, such as CSS stylesheets and the display of captured pieces. More importantly, this release fixes all known bugs and represents a significant increase in stability, particularly with regards to check and checkmakte detection. This version is highly recommended to all WebChess users!

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-09-02

WebChess turns two, surpasses 10k downloads!

Happy Anniversary WebChess!!!

August 18th marks the two year anniversary of the first public release of WebChess. Since then, many bugs have been fixed and a few new features added. The most important change to the project is the recent addition of people to the WebChess team, without whom the imminent v0.9.0 release would not have been possible.

In addition to turning two, WebChess has achieved another milestone: our 10000th download! An impressive number, but hopefully we'll be able to double that with the help of WebChess v0.9.0. We are working very hard on crushing the last few remaing bugs we are aware of and I completely expect this release to be our most stable to date. We have also got a few new surprises for you, so stay tuned!... read more

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-08-19

WebChess Meetings

I finally got around to posting the IRC logs for the last three WebChess meetings. For those who don't know, WebChess meetings take place every Wednesday night at 8pm EDT (or Thursday morning at 12am UTC), and the next one will be tonight! You can always find us in the #webchess IRC channel on Freenode.net.

Sorry for taking so long to get these logs posted. I hope to see you all at tonight's meeting! I'll likely be dropping in from time to time on the channel throughout the day.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-08-11

July 7th, 2004 Meeting Log Posted

Tonight's IRC Meeting log is now available under Open Discussions in the forum, or you can click here to jump directly there:

Next meeting will take place next Wednesday, July 14th, 2004 at 8pm EDT (or July 15th, 12am UTC). UTC is like GMT, but is unaffected by daylight savings time, which should avoid some confusion. :) The next meeting will be in the short format, meaning the whole thing should last about 15 mins. The next real meeting should take place a week later.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-07-08

WebChess Meeting TONIGHT!

Hey everyone, I apologize for cancelling last weeks' meeting at the last minute (I inadvertantly double-booked) :(

In any case, I hope you will all join us tonight on IRC. We will get started at 8pm EDT (or 1am GMT) on IRC in the #webchess channel on the Freenode network.

See you later!

Jonathan Evraire
sandking at users.sourceforge.net

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-07-07

Tonight's meeting is CANCELLED

Do to a scheduling issue, tonight's meeting will be cancelled. We'll meet next week on July 6th, 2004 at 8pm EDT (or 1am GMT July 7th) instead.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-06-30

Last Meeting, Next Meeting

Just a quick note to let people know I've uploaded last meeting's log to the forums. This was just a quick catch-up meeting, and the next full meeting will take place next Wednesday, June 30th, 2004 at 8pm EDT (or July 1st at 1am GMT).

Hope to see everyone there!

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-06-25

July 16h, 2004 Meeting Log Posted

The log for the July 16th, 2004 meeting has been posted in the forums here:

Thanks again to our regular participants: mightyking, thenateosapi and roflo1 (in order of appearance in the channel :)

Be sure to revisit the website now that it's been updated. It contains new installation instructions and a completely new must-read Documentation section.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-06-17

Correction to meeting time: 1AM GMT

It would appear I got the GMT time wrong for tonight's meeting. It will take place at 1am GMT. I apologize for the confusion... where I am located, we practice daylight savings time and it throws me off. The meeting officially takes off at 8pm "my time", but that doesn't help most of you. :)

Sorry for the confusion, I hope you'll be able to make it anyway!

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-06-16

Reminder: Meeting Tonight!

Do not forget to join us in the next WebChess meeting that takes place tonight at 8pm EDT (ie: 12am GMT) on the Freenode IRC network in the #webchess channel.

Hope to see you there!

Jonathan Evraire
sandking at users.sourceforge.net

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-06-16

New WebChess Mailing List Now Available!

A new means to get support and participate in discussions about WebChess is now available: the webchess-users mailing list! This list is a direct result of the last meeting that took place in IRC. Keep in touch with the latest news on WebChess easily by subscribing to the mailing list now:


Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-06-15

Log of June 9th, 2004 meeting now available

The log of last night's meeting is now available in the forums. Thank you very much to those who participated!

Please feel free to post your comments about the topics discussed in the forum. Better yet, be sure to join us for our next meeting next week June 16th, 2004 at 8pm EDT (ie: 12am GMT)!

Jonathan Evraire
sandking at users.sourceforge.net

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-06-11

WebChess Meeting Tonight!

Just a quick reminder to everyone that there is a meeting on IRC tonight at 8pm EDT (ie: 12am GMT). It will take place in the #webchess channel on Freenode.

Up for discussion is a follow-up to last week, including:
- WebChess roadmap proposal (see http://www.evraire.com:8000/~john/WebChess/roadmap.html\)
- the feasability of implementing the phpchesslib object model under PHP4
- organization of CVS branches
- release schedule... read more

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-06-09

New additions to the WebChess team

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to two new additions to the WebChess team! Mightyking will be assiting us with the current website, as well as the web interface for WebChess 2. Roflo1 will add his development skills to help squash bugs and bring WebChess foward.

Welcome to the both of you, and thank you for your help!

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-06-03

Meeting Log Online

The chat log from last night's meeting has been posted in the forums here:

This forum is the ideal place for those who weren't able to make it to the meeting to throw in their two cents on the discussion or my proposal.

In summary, Nathan and I are to research PHP's capabilities with regards to implementing the object hiearchy in phpchesslib. Comments on my proposal will be collected, and a new version will hopefully be made for the next meeting. Finally, it was suggested that the current branch be made bugfix only (ie: feature-frozen) to stabilize it as much as possible. I am to think about the project roadmap and have something for next meeting's discussion.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-06-03

WebChess Meeting TONIGHT!

Just a quick reminder that we're having a meeting on the future direction of the project tonight. It takes place at 8pm EST (EST = GMT-5, so 1am GMT time) on IRC's Freenode.net network in the #webchess channel. I understand not everyone can make it at this time so I'll try to be in the channel all day today until then. Everything will be logged, and I'll be posting the log on this site for future comment afterwards.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-06-02

Public WebChess Meeting

Next Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004 at 8pm EST (ie: 1am GMT time) there will be a meeting about the future direction of this project in our IRC channel, that is to say the #webchess channel on the Freenode network. Nathan Kelly and myself will be hosting, but everyone is invited to participate.

We hope to see you there!

Jonathan Evraire and Nathan Kelly

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2004-05-26

WebChess 0.8.4 Released

WebChess is an HTML-based online chess game designed to work through firewalls. This release contains a few bug fixes that close all the bugs filed against WebChess 0.8.3. Since there were so few of them I believe this version of WebChess to be very rock-solid.


Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2003-10-21

Official #WebChess IRC channel

WebChess has registered the channell #WebChess on irc.freenode.net

feel free to drop by and chat about WebChess or any of it's derivatives. You never know... you just might get that one bug fixed thats been anoying you.

Server: irc.freenode.net (http://www.freenode.net)
Channel: #WebChess

See you there

Posted by Jonathan Evraire 2003-07-30

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