Grafikbug in V 0.9.0

  • Lukh

    Lukh - 2006-02-28
    • Lukh

      Lukh - 2006-02-28

      Where is the Problem?
      My Browser is the latest Version of Firefox.

      And on a other Webchessboard in a other Community its running with no Grafikproblems.

      What musst the Admin change,to fix the Tabblebug?

      • Rodrigo Flores

        Rodrigo Flores - 2006-02-28

        Hi Lukh,

        Webchess uses an image named "blank.gif".

        I can think of a couple of things we could check to see what's wrong:
        * Check if beholder/blank.gif exists.
        * Check the page source and see if there's reference to blank.gif.
        * Check if all paths are ok.

        Let us know how things unfold.

    • Lukh

      Lukh - 2006-02-28

      The Admin has not all patch from 0.8.4 to 0.9.0
      The Problem is solved.

      Thank you.
      And sorry for my bad english :)



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