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New cvs-build, happy 6 years!

There is a new cvs-build of macam available today,
it adds more supported cameras and fixes some issues.

Also, today is the 6 year anniversary of SourceForge registration!

Posted by Harald 2008-01-17

New website design

Please check out the new website design!

Posted by Harald 2006-10-11

macam 0.8.8 released

This version mostly fixes crashing bugs affecting a number of ZC030x and SONiX cameras. A few other cameras have been added and a number of bugs fixed as well.

Posted by Harald 2006-09-07

macam 0.8.4 released

• Added support for SQ905 based cameras (0x2770:0x9120), although compressed images are not right yet
• Added rudimentary support for QuickCam VC, image gain issues need to be fixed
• Added support in the driver and application for downloading movies (without sound) [works with SQ905 cameras]
• Upgraded the Xcode project to use native targets (necessary for universal binaries)
• Universal binaries are now produced, although they probably don't work yet, testing reports would be welcome
• Added the "-lSystem" flag when linking so that hopefully code will work on 10.1 and 10.2, again reports are welcome... read more

Posted by Harald 2005-11-17

Supported Cameras Database

Sourceforge is migrating from MySQL 3.23 to MySQL 4.1. The macam database of supported cameras has not yet been migrated, in fact I have no idea how to do it. If someone has a clue, please let me know and help out!


Posted by Harald 2005-11-02

macam 0.8.3 released

More cameras supported, other improvements. Please provide feedback about cameras working, or not.

Posted by Harald 2005-08-29

macam 0.8 released

Macam version 0.8 has been released. Among other enhancements, this release adds support for several more cameras (new support for the controller chips OV511, OV511+, SE401, SN9C2028, SPAC504A, SPCA500A, USS-720), adds movie and time-lapse recording to the macam application, and adds a preference panel. Several conflicts between the macam QuickTime component and other system services and third-party applications have been solved. Besides, there are zillions of bug fixes and performance enhancements.... read more

Posted by Matthias Krauss 2003-02-06