Multiple ps eye settings ?

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    I'm a developper working for live stage performances.
    Actually I'm using **3** ps eye for a dance performance. They are connected with 3 different USB ports on a core i7 hackintosh (10.5.7 for now, 10.6 soon). Everything is working almost as expected (I'm saying almost, because USB don't really seem to be a science, and don't look very rationnal, specially when working with 15 meters cables :-()

    The cams are used in very different ways  along the show :  sometimes to create a mask for projections, sometimes to project some very small thing at a big size, etc.
    In order to achieve this, they need to have very different settings : gain, shutter, luminosity, contrast, and framerate are the values I'd really like to have on per-camera basis.
    However when I choose "Save Current Settings", the new values are applied to all the cameras.

    - is there a solution to change this behavior ?

    It would be really great that the new values applies only to the current displayed camera.
    - does it implies very heavy change in the macam code ?
    - can someone make it, or tell me a basic way to implement this  ?

    excuse me for my poor english…


    PS : big big thanks to the dev of macam, you are doing a wonderful job !

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    I am also interested in gain and what not?
    I found the source for the driver. It is in macam/source/cameras/OV534Driver.m . I just don't know how to add gain control.


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