#179 Saved settings not applied on camera open (QuickCam Chat B)

Scott Oom

I can set the settings and save them (using Save Current Settings), but if I pause and press the play button again in the macam app or open another app (e.g. Skype) the settings previously set (and still shown in the settings panel) do not appear to be working. It looks like the settings are set but the camera does not actually see them until I touch them again, even if it is set to the same setting.
Another way this manifests itself is when I first open the settings panel, contrast is in the middle by default (without any previous settings), but if I set it to the middle, the image becomes very bright and I have to set it back to the left side to get the same image I did upon opening the macam application.

I assume this works properly with other cameras, otherwise the save current settings thing seems broken.

A workaround for this kind of problem would be to allow the macam app (or some other app) to manipulate the current settings while the camera is open in another application. This is sometimes possible with Linux camera drivers as the appropriate settings show up in procfs or sysfs.

Using 0.9.2 on OSX 10.6.5 running on a Mac Mini Server (2010 model)


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