#319 Events are displaying on calendar a day later than their entered date


My client is using the old v1.0.1 WebCalendar and never had any problems. Just recently after changing the date of an existing event, that event and every event after it for a couple months (June 23-end of September) have shifted a day ahead in the calendar display, even though the entered date is still correct (so Sun, June 23rd shows up on Monday). I tried upgrading to the new version but that did not fix the problem and added the issue of all times being 4 hours later.

It appears that events that are scheduled for 8pm are being pushed to the next day. In the database the 8pm dates have the value of "0" under the cal_date column. 9:30pm events have 13000 as their value.

More info: If I change the time of the event to 8:01 or 7:59 it displays on the proper day of the calendar view. It is only the 8:00pm on-the-dot date that pushes everything ahead a day.
If an event is scheduled for 8 that is a repeating event it doesn't happen AFTER the first instance of that event.


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