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Just installed WebCalendar v1.2.3 on a remote LAMP server running php5 (which I have complete access to). After successfully completing the install wizard from my browser, I get some kind of infinite loop (I actually don't know if it is infinite yet, but 30 minutes at least :) ) when I press "Launch WebCalendar" or try to access the WebCalendar root (which I have as www.site.cc/calendar/ ) in Firefox 3.6. Down in the statusbar it switches quite rapidly between "Waiting for www.site.cc" and "Connecting to www.site.cc".

My settings.ini is:

/* updated via install/index.php on Mon, 10 Oct 2011 16:54:48 -0400
install_password: <lots of digits here>
db_type: mysql
db_host: localhost
db_database: [db here]
db_login: [user here]
db_password: [pw here]
db_persistent: false
readonly: false
user_inc: user.php
use_http_auth: true
single_user: false
mode: prod
# end settings.php */

I let apache constrain access to the site via AuthBasic on the remote server.

I set up the MySQL database without any hitches using the myPhpAdmin walkthrough. My database contains 29 tables and 155 records (1 user / 154 config).

After the first 10-20 minutes of waiting I cancelled the request, found and stepped through the installation wizard again (the calender goes into spin if I try to go to the calendar root), removed the /tmp as suggested in another bug report, but alas, no luck. Still spinning.

I have restarted Firefox.

Any ideas?

/ Daniel


  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2011-10-10


    Just got a hunch that just might be the root of the problem. I found around 1 Mb of "user admin: authentication failure" in the apache error log.

    So, I guess that the setup walkthrough is a bit thin on the server authentication part; I now see on a re-read that it says "... and don't forget to setup your web server to handle user authentication.".

    Well, it IS up and running. However I take it then that I need to add my "admin" user as a user in the AuthBasic... ah well, could be mentioned in the walkthrough. I have a user authentication (with other user names) to get into the site at all, however I didn't get that the admin user needed to be added as well.

    Well, my bad (probably, I haven't tested this yet)

    / Daniel

  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2011-10-10

    Ok, worked.

    If anyone is interested:

    I changed the password of a user that is allowed to access the site to the password I used for the WebCalendar admin account. Then I used myphpadmin to change the admin account's user name into the allowed user's. Retried. Fixed.

    Philosophical wondering; Why are there dual userfiles/passwords if I use apache to validate users?

    / Daniel

  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2011-10-10
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  • Craig Knudsen

    Craig Knudsen - 2012-02-20
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