#620 Display Usernames with Calendar Entries

Eric Olsen

When displaying calendar entries on multi-user view, display with username. This is extremely useful when dealing with calendars that have a large number of users and you have views that display entries for many of those users (even with colors, it can be difficult to sort out which entries belong to which people).

Ideally this feature would:

(1) Be configurable as a setting.
(2) Only apply when multiple users are being displayed.

The following hack in "includes/functions.php" accomplishes this for all displays:

#$tmpName = $event->getName ();
$tmpName = '[' . $event->getOwner () . '] ' . $event->getName ();

If others are interested in this feature, I would be willing to do the work to make the changes needed for my "ideal" scenarios (instead of the global hack I currently use). If not, I will continue to hack each version of WebCalendar as it arrives ...


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