bob - 2011-08-18

I'm getting confused by the documentation.

I just installed WebCalendar under Xampp which is running PHP 5.3.1.  My OS is Ubuntu Linux 10.10.  I intend to test it here before installing on my web server.

As suggested by the setup tutorial, I created an admin account but configured WebCalendar in single user mode.

1) Am I supposed to login as admin in order to change setting or does the single user mode eliminate that level of security?  I seem to be able to make changes without a login and I don't even see a link to login.

2) I tried to add an event in the default "month" display and nothing happens when I click "save".  I configured all the public options as suggested in the tutorial.

3) The month display is all wrong.  According to the sample screen shots the current month should take up most of the screen with a small previous month calendar to the left and  and next  month calendar to the right.  What I see is both of those calendars on the left  one above the other followed by another small calendar below them which is the current month.  Did I miss something on the setup?  The menu is on the top as it should be.

4) My eventual goal is to add a meeting calendar to my website.  Admin will be the only user but it will be viewable to the public.  Can I use single user mode when I go live?

Sorry for all the questions.  Thanks for any help you can provide.