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  • Thomas Leitner

    Thomas Leitner - 2010-09-29


    I have some probplems with Outlook synchronisation by using the toll iCal4OL. This tool uses the PHP script ..include/icalclient.php of the WebCalendar installation.

    This script could also be startet with the internetbrowser (http://<my_URL>/icalclient.php). After invoking this a login with user and password of the WebCalendar user is forced and a ICS file could be loaded.

    My problem now is that after typing in user/pw the WebCaleder would not accept this but it's correct!


  • Anonymous - 2010-09-30

    Did you check
    Please use the forum of iCal4OL, if it's still not working..

  • Thomas Leitner

    Thomas Leitner - 2010-09-30

    Hello racingroland,

    sure - I read this How To and I have done all the steps.
    You have to know that I have two WebCalendar installations - one for testing on my mini server at home and on on a remote server.
    On the the mini server at home all works fine and I can call the script icalclient.php over the browser. I get a login window and after typing in the right user and password the user-ics file is downloadable.
    Not so on the remote server! Her I have the same version of WebCalendar installd. After invoking the script icalclient.php and typing in the right user and password it would not be accepted!
    Im sure that iCal4OL is not the problem because with the testinstallation a syncronisation runs succsessfully (because of the working login procedure) - the same trial on the remote server installation not!

  • horia m

    horia m - 2010-11-16

    Hi, I have the same problem with my installation of webcalendar.
    Do you know any solutions in the meantime?

  • srmorton

    srmorton - 2010-11-16

    Have you guys tried the publish.php. There is another user who has had great sucess in using it on Google Calendar (syncs), Yahoo! calendar (syncs), Apple iCal (syncs) and Outlook(but does not sync).

    Take a look at this posting and look for his tips page. Many thanks to Hptaonline for sharing this.

    You will see that Outlook has to be downloaded from time to time to pick up updates, but Google Calendars will provide the best service.

    Hope this helps.


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