WebCalendar generating errors, please help!

  • Josh Robertson

    Josh Robertson - 2013-10-04

    I have a client running WebCalendar 1.2.3. Yesterday my server was upgraded from PHP 5.2, to PHP 5.3. When I did this, their website broke, since it's an ancient install of Joomla. I reverted back to PHP 5.2, and the site was working fine again with no issues.

    However, I can't say the same for WebCalendar. It's returning a ton of errors when you go to it. The URL is www.bayshoremechanical.com/schedule - I have no idea how to fix this or what to do. I've tried restoring a database backup from before the PHP upgrade, but it didn't fix my problem. I tried the 'contact' page on the developers website but I think that's broken as well. Couldn't get past the CAPTCHA when I am certain I was entering the information in correctly.

    Can someone please help me with this? Thanks so much!

  • dallasdinosaur

    dallasdinosaur - 2013-10-04

    When going to the url www.bayshoremechanical.com/schedule, the request is redirected to this URL:


    Maybe intentionally, mayby not, but I suspect that version is still running 5.3. Put this command...

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    ...in a single file in your webcalendar home directory (bayshore/schedule) and save it under some name like php_version_test.php, then put that address in your browser address bar to execute the command (http://www.bayshoremechanical.com/schedule/php_version_test.php). That will tell you the version of php you're running.

    • Josh Robertson

      Josh Robertson - 2013-10-04

      That was it. I downgraded the PHP version for the main site, but forgot I had the scheduler running separately, and hadn't downgraded the PHP version to accommodate the scheduler on the sandbox. I downgraded the PHP version, and it's working again. Thanks so much for your help. It's always helpful to have an outside set of eyes. :)


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