Sudden max execution time fatal error

  • JMA

    JMA - 2013-11-08

    Calendar has been running flawlessly for years. Currently on v 1.2.7. At some point this morning the calendar began failing to load, returning "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in [...]/includes/functions.php on line 2086" Sometimes it'll say line 2085 but it's always right in that vicinity.

    No changes on the server or webcalendar or anything to point to that could have precipitated this as far as we're aware. One minute it was fine, the next, fatal error. I Googled but could come up with nothing to point me where to look.

    Lines 2084-86 are:
    $thismonth += $interval;
    $cdate = mktime ( $hour, $minute, 0, $thismonth, $thisday, $thisyear );
    $mdate = mktime ( $hour, $minute, 0, $thismonth, 1, $thisyear );

    Any suggestions on where to begin troubleshooting?

  • JMA

    JMA - 2013-11-09

    Problem stopped as mysteriously as it began. Never did anything other than research what to do, but this morning it's back to normal Go figure.

  • JMA

    JMA - 2013-11-09

    Spoke too soon. I have upcoming.php running in three different places and yesterday, all three iframes were blank and not loading events - presumably related to the time-out error, although no message was displayed in the iframe.

    Today, the upcoming is working in all 3 spots, which is why I thought the fatal error was fixed - should have checked the main calendar because it is in fact still returning the fatal error.

    Why would upcoming.php work, however, and the public calendar time out? Could a particular event be corrupt and causing the main calendar to time out, but it isn't within the span of the upcoming.php pull (as of today, anyway) so that is fine?


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