Charles Waters - 2014-04-05

Good evening all:

I have a couple questions regarding integration. I have the Webcalendar working marvelously on my website both development (, and production. Here is what I am trying to do.

1) If you go to that test server, you will see that I had to actually post the code for the full-screen header in the "month.php" page. Otherwise, it only was the width of the actual calendar. How can that be changed so I can use the "external header file" option in the setup?

2) The top menu hyperlinks are being overridden by the internal css file. So if you click anywhere else on another page, you will notice the active and visiting hyperlinks are a different look. Where in what CSS file can I change that so it doesn't get overridden?

3) The right menu bar in the other pages is a JavaScript random image script. That script isn't recognized because of the way I had to integrate the page, and put the right display bar within the "$table / EOT;" code. Is there anyway to remedy that so the script can be ran?

4) The 3 icons on the left & right are actually clickable links. However, again, since where it is placed within the code, they are not clickable. Can this be remedied as well?

Thanks for all the assistance in advance, and thanks for a GREAT product!

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