unable to login using IE8/9

  • jkeough890

    jkeough890 - 2013-10-30

    New install, server 2003, IIS6, MYSQL 5.5 PHP 5.5 basic intranet setup, public access, built out a few users, what a nice easy install & setup!! =)

    So i have a meeting to show the users this calendar, and no one in the computer lab can login, all the win7/xp, ie 7/8/9 login attempts just redirect, and refresh the page, i use firefox on my pc, and have no issues, chrome works fine too.
    I defaulted all security settings in IE, disabled all add-ons, (no tool bars installed) added site to trusted sites, tried several other pc's disabled A/V.....
    Any other ideas?? Thanks!!

  • jkeough890

    jkeough890 - 2013-10-31

    update............version 1.2.7 is loaded, no plugins installed. Problem is definitely IE related, other browsers work fine. anybody have any ideas?


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