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WebbOS being rebuilt

After some time of inactivity, we have decided to take up this project again, rebuilding it from scratch. We are starting over, redoing EVERYTHING. Maybe within a couple months, we may even have a bootable system. We're going to be getting the FreeBSD kernel source, and the FreeBSD gcc/gdb system brought over.

The main interface for the system is being built currently. I do have people working on getting the FreeBSD kernel source working while I get the main shell (built in).... read more

Posted by Shawn Webb 2002-12-10

MAJOR flaw with UNIX

There is a MAJOR flaw with every distrobution of UNIX. If you change your HOME environment variable to "/root" you can succcessfully change to that directory and read (not write) files.

In summary, you can "spy" on the root user. You can get all the files you want.

The newer version (not uploaded, yet) will include functions to change your environment variables, however, we did not intend for the code to be used improperly.... read more

Posted by Shawn Webb 2002-07-29

Base 1 Patch 2

Base 1 Patch 2 should come out within the next month. It will include:
Tokenizing (command-line arguements)
Shell processes
Spawned processes
Major bug fix (ctrl+D makes the mini-shell go into an endless loop)
Better reading/writing
The "ls" command should get stats now.
Access to the "login" and "su" programs!

Posted by Shawn Webb 2002-07-22

Big move to come

Shawn Webb will be moving houses this next coming week.

It is during this time that he will not be able to develop, until his computers are unpacked.

However, Steven should still be able to develop, depending on what is going on in his world.

Posted by Shawn Webb 2002-07-19

WebbOS Base 1 Patch 1 released

The dev team has noticed some warnings, bugs, and other items that we have fixed.

Added some code to "ls"
Fixed the return warnings.
Added some text to "makefile", you may want to check that out before running.

Posted by Shawn Webb 2002-07-13

WebbOS base 1 to come out

WebbOS base 1 has been built! We started this as a text editor, and now it is a basic text reader/writer and a basic shell.

WebbOS base 1 can:
read files
write files
list files/directories
Get the current directory
delete files
rename files
change directory

To learn how to get started with WebbOS base 1, go to the Docs area and lookup "Getting Started with WebbOS base 1".

Posted by Shawn Webb 2002-07-12

Development has started

WebbOS is now under light development. Planning will be updated to show how we will make this OS come to life.

We will be creating another doc, current proccess. This doc will show you how the development is going.

Posted by Shawn Webb 2002-07-06

Detailed planning started

We have started the detailed planning proccess. We are figuring out code rules right now.

You can view the plans by going to the documentation area.

Posted by Shawn Webb 2002-06-23

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