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Website Assembling Toolkit 2.0 released

The Website Assembling Toolkit team is proud to announce the 2.0 release

New features include:
- ESI support
- Maven
- Xpath
- Xslt
- JSESSIONID filtering
- Multipart requests

Next steps :
- improve Maven project structure (multi-module)
- improve sessionid filtering for Java and PHP applications
- migration to HttpClient 4.0 (when available)
- improve cookie management

The Website Assembling Toolkit team

Posted by Francois-Xavier Bonnet 2009-03-05

Website assembling toolkit 1.0 released !

Final 1.0 version of the Website assembling toolkit has been released.
A website with documentation are now available here :

Posted by Francois-Xavier Bonnet 2008-07-07