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webapp-config-1.5.18: A bug fix release

webapp-config-1.5.17 was an experimental release with new features that did also introduce some issues. webapp-config-1.5.18 tries to fix the discovered bugs but is not yet considered stable again.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-05-11

webapp-config-1.5.17 with paludis support

webapp-config-1.5.17 has been released and provides experimental support for paludis. Some minor bug fixes also went into this release. It is currently only a testing version and if testing is successful it will be added to portage soon.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-04-28

webapp-config finally has a new home

webapp-config has been somewhat homeless for a while but it now settled on sf.net and will hopefully reside here for a longer time.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-02-21