#389 character corruption when reply mail


Thank you for your development. your software help me a lot.

The problem is that character corruption certainly happened for me to reply new mail message based referenced received mail after reply button in Usermin.
The charaset corruption are include title and sender name in Japanese and body and attach etc.from referenced message.

OS:Debin 5.0 Lenny based on UTF-8
Usermin:1.430 Charaset:EUC-JP


  • BSN Researcer

    BSN Researcer - 2009-12-14

    This phenomenon will happen that the mail are written multibyte characters and "Content Type" is iso-2022-JP, I think.

    charaset corruption is not happen when referenced mail are consist in English and singlebyte characters only.

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2009-12-15

    Would it be possible for you to send me an example corrupt message at jcameron@webmin.com ?

  • BSN Researcer

    BSN Researcer - 2009-12-18

    Thank you for your response.

    I sent pdf file to explain about this problem to your address indicated.

  • BSN Researcer

    BSN Researcer - 2009-12-18

    >Would it be possible for you to send me an example corrupt message at

    I sent a Japanese message sample. Need you a lot of other sample?
    I felt Japanese messages encoded by ISO-2022-JP cause character corruption in reply maybe.

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2009-12-18

    Thanks for the PDF. Could you also send me an actual email that is getting corrupted too?

    Also, Webmin normally uses the EUC-JP character set for Japanese .. if you use that when sending email, does the same issue happen?

  • BSN Researcer

    BSN Researcer - 2009-12-19

    Good evening jcameron.

    I answer your question.

    1. Example for corrputing Japanese characters.

    2. >does the same issue happen?
    No character corruption happened on message which was sent from Usemin , in reply mode.Outlook 2007 and Thunderbird 2.x~3.0 cause character corruption.

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2009-12-24

    Could you send me an email at jcameron@webmin.com that contains characters that you are seeing corrupted?

  • BSN Researcer

    BSN Researcer - 2009-12-31

    Thank your reply.

    I am looking forward that Usermin is growring as could system which company can select to use it in enclosed organization!!!

    I sent text cause character corruption when reply.

    P.S Sorry, I was late to reply to you.


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