Hello, I am pretty new to webmin, but am currently using it for several different purposes.  One being dhcp server management.  My question relates to the client options that are available.  Since we are a predominately Novell shop, we want to push the various NDS parameters with our DHCP server.  Currently the only way I can see to do it, is to manually edit the dhcpd.conf file.  What I want to do is add these options right into the webmin module.  I have figured out how to add nds-servers, nds-tree-name and nds-context since they are commonly used strings or ip addresses.  However, nds-slp-directory-agent is a little different, because it allows a boolean and an ip address.  I am not sure what number designates this option.  Since I figured by deduction that 0=single IP, 1=something for netbios, 2=multiple IPs, and 3 =a text string.  Anyone out there done this, or can point me in the right direction to make the change?