Could you not just add a symlink of /etc/mnttab —> /etc/mtab for this to work?
Or whatever "standard" is decided upon..  you could make a /etc/webmnt —> <particular structure for OS>
Just a thought,
-Greg Moeller

>>> 3/29/2006 11:17 >>>
Hi Ed,
Unfortunately, that monitor type is not supported on AIX at the moment. To work it needs to be able to get a list of mounted filesystems, and each OS seems to store that information in a differnet way (/etc/mtab vs /etc/mnttab vs /proc/mounts etc..)

 - Jamie

On 29/Mar/2006 09:40 Meagher, Ed wrote ..

I just installed Webmin on an IBM AIX 5.2 system. When I try to add a disk space monitor in the ‘System and Server Status’ module, the “Filesystem to Check” drop down list is empty. I didn’t see anything in the archives that was similar to this.

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