Good Morning,

I changed the global spam destination by clicking on "Module Config", then "Default delivery for spam"

Saved " with a value of "$HOME/Maildir/.Junk/" and it immediately started sending all spam to "/dev/null" according to "procmail.log" with no errors.  I started to realize that all regular mail was not arriving.  So I set it back to "Spam Maildir folder".  No mail inbound.    I found that mail.log showed an error connecting to "localhost:6000" which is spamd.  I switched spamassassin to a local process and regular mailed that had piled up somewhere started coming in.  I had looked in the mail queue for it and it wasn't there.  So where would it queue up otherwise

Anyway, I thought I would ask if I have the right folder format for this field or if there may be something I missed, or don't realize, about the global/ domain spam/procmail setup.  I want to use the folder name "Junk" to be consistent with Thunderbird and Roundcube Mail.  I get a lot of calls about the fact that the two exist on some setups.

OS:  Debian Linux 4.0, Linux 2.6.18-6-686 on i686
Webmin 1.450
Virtualmin  3.66.gpl GPL
Theme  6.7
GPL Virtualmin Install Script