Nevermind.  I made a stupid error. 

So stupid I'm embarrassed to confess. 

But here goes anyway:  I was SSHing to one box where the command worked and WEBMINing to another where the command didn't exist!

Subject: Custom Commands: "not found" error
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 12:30:58 -0400

Hi,  My first post to this list.

I wrote a simple script called update-newer to copy some files.  Here are the first few lines:

# Just a Q&D to copy files from one server to another
# Assumes remote drive (starting at /)
#   is already mounted at /root/remotesvr
#  See /root/Desktop/todo for mounting requirements
# Start the copying
echo "Copy newer files from remote"
echo "M Drive:"
cp -ruvp /root/remotesrvr/home/"M Drive"/* /home/"M Drive"
echo "N Drive"

This script won't run from "Custom Commands".  I just get "Output from /sbin/update-newer .. /bin/sh: /sbin/update-newer: not found ".  It works fine from a Linux terminal (console).

In testing I created two identical scripts.  One in /root and the other in /sbin.  Both owned by root with execute permissions.

The custom commands I've tried are like this:
and specifying running from one of the two directories and using

None of these work and always the same message: "not found".

Other commands work fine.  For example, I have a custom command that just does "dmraid -r".  It works.

Is there something about my script?

Thanks for any assistance.