1) can "webmin accounts" be involved in the module configuration.
i.e. can "some accounts" which can run the module be selected to "edit" the configuration.
Can this be on an "option by option" basis?

2) Are there hooks to having a "parser" when free-form text is submitted
(i.e. if you want a "number" between 10 and 100, something which "confirms" the text field is a number and within bounds (i.e. after a submittal, a way to run a parser function)

3) Is there a way to hook a function after the module editor is "completed" so "something knows"
editing has taken place (before the actions on the module are run?)

Any examples which accomplish this (possibly in alternate ways) would be appreciated.

I'm thinking of having the "editor" as a webmin action so I can control it.