Yea, I did but didn't find anything closer to it. I based on the download and upload module to write the jsp uploading module but only that part I am struggling with.

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 7:23 PM, PEOPLES, MICHAEL P <> wrote:

What I always do is look through all of the other modules to see if I can find a function like the one I want, or at least one that is similar.


Then, examine the code in that module and modify it to your requirements. 


If you’re curious as to which modules might contain such functions, search for JavaScript references in the files.  You can do this finding all the files containing source code, creating a list of them, then looping through the list, searching each file for the “jsp” or other relevant tags.


This may not always work for you, but it’s how I created my custom modules.


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In the module am writing for tomcat, I want to provide two select menu(dropdown menu). There a so many tomcat instance and each of them has applications under them. Now, if someone want to upload a new jsp to a particular tomcat say /var/lib/tomcat5/webapps/myapp is where the jsp will be uploaded to. I want the first select menu to provide the list of all the tomcat instances on the server(This I have done successfully).

The second select menu should contain all the applications under the selected tomcat instance  from the first menu select. so if I select tomcat5, the second select menu should load automatically all the applications under tomcat5.


I know there is a javascript function that can do something like that (onchange or so). But how can I do this? Any help will be appreciated much.


I have my two menu select with the code below:


 print &ui_table_row($text{'inst_select'},

                &ui_select("inst", $in{'inst'},

                    [ map { [ $_ ] } @insts ] ) );


This is not working yet.

print &ui_table_row( $text{'select_app'},

                     &ui_select("ap", $in{'inst'},

                        [ map { [ $_ ] } @apps ] ) );





I will be using the two select menu to construct the directory to which the jsp is to be saved.









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