Hi Bruno,

I actually do the exact same thing!
In the Module Config of the Filesystem backup, you need to enable "Do strftime substitution of backup destinations?"
Once done, you can use standard strftime formats in the backup filename like below:


For a list of strftime commands, click the "Do strftime substitution of backup destinations?" in the webmin mondule config.


On 29 December 2011 10:54, Bruno Martins <bmomartins@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello list,

I'm using Webmin interface to manage backups on one of my servers.
Backup is done by creating a tar archive in an external USB drive. The
problem is that I want to be able to append the date to file name.

Is there any way to do this? Like using a variable, I don't know.

Imagine the following situation:
Next Sunday, file is named /media/HDD/Full_Backup_01012012.tar.gz
The other Sunday, file is named /media/HDD/Full_Backup_08122011.tar.gz
... and so on.

Thanks for any help on this, or advice on how can I workaround this.

Best regards,

Bruno Martins

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