I think Webmin makes certain assumptions about how Apache is configured that cPanel may have changed.

For example, the way cPanel creates the Apache config is by combining all the per-site configuration into a single config file.

Also, could your expired cPanel trial still be rewriting the configuration after webmin makes changes?
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You need to check how Webmin is trying to create/manage your vhosts. I think on Ubuntu it uses the built-in sites-available/-enabled system, but I don't know about CentOS/RH.

On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 11:36 AM, CompsDoc Nathan <nathan@compsdoc.com> wrote:
I had cpanel trial installed then it expired and then I installed webmin on a VPS server. For some reason all my virtual servers I create in apache in webmin do not work and all domains give me a default cpanel page error saying my domain is not set up. I am guessing having cpanel installed screwed up my apache. How do I add domains/virtual servers to my apache through webmin now ? If I look at the apache config it contains lines
# DO NOT EDIT. AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED. IF YOU NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE PLEASE USE THE INCLUDE FILES. which cpanel generated! I am guessing cpanel does something else besides editing the apache config files that webmin does not do which is why it is not working?

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