Pl inform a solution.

My boot order is saslauth started, dovecot started , postfix started and lampp started. 

There is no problem with internal and external sending and receiving mail only php mail code from website shows mail error. But when i restart lampp then webmail works sending mail to google.I restart lampp from terminal.

cd  /opt
cd lampp
./lampp restart

starting Apache with SSL ( and PHP)...
Starting Mysql
Starting ProFTPD

but these were already started at boot

Can you give me a solution. In webmin panel saslauthd , dovecot, xinetd, postfix and enabled at boot. Since friends apache lampp is installed in opt directory it is also set to start to auto boot with following commands

    apache friends lampp is installed in  opt directory and is enabled auto start at boot with following commands

ln -s /opt/lampp/lampp S99lampp
ln -s /opt/lampp/lampp K01lampp

However in Webmin panel boot httpd service is showing no for auto start. Starting this enables another apache daemon.

Where is opt directory lampp installation showing auto start in boot panel. Also where is mysql and proftpd service in Webmin control panel


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On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 4:09 AM, Jamie Cameron <jcameron@webmin.com> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Webmin version 1.650 is now available for download from
http://www.webmin.com/ . This release includes the following
major changes :

 * Even more German translation updates thanks to Raymond Vetter,
   Norwegian updates thanks to Stein-Aksel Basma, Polish from
   Piotr Kozica, and Catalan from Jaume Badiella.

 * UI consistency improvements in the Linux Firewall and Xinetd

 * Support for new Apache 2.4 features, such as IncludeOptional,
   the removal of NameVirtualHost and use of apachectl to get
   enabled modules.

 * Improved error detection and better handling of disks that
   don't start on cylinder 1 in the Fdisk module.

 * Support for growing a logical volume to the maximum size
   possible in the LVM module.

 * Fixes for total and free memory detection under OpenVZ /

 * Mandriva Linux improvements in the Bootup and Shutdown and
   other modules.

 * Fix for a bug that could cause /etc/webmin to be deleted following
   a failed upgrade on Debian.

 * Improved support for FreeBSD 8, bringing it into sync with
   FreeBSD 9.

Also available is Usermin 1.560, which includes the same translation
updates, the ability to apply email filters to existing messages, and
other email-related improvements.

As always, please send me any bug reports or feature suggestions that
you might have.

 - Jamie

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