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I don't think the mailing list allows attachments, so we can't see your log.

The most common causes of install failures on Debian include having
software installed that conflicts with the software Virtualmin is trying
to install (apt will not allow dependency resolution to override
existing conflicting packages) and apt problems (i.e. some package was
not configured or in an unresolved state, and needs to be fixed before
you can install anything that depends on that package). This is why we
so strongly recommend a _freshly installed_ operating system. It's
impossible to account for all of the interdependencies when we're
installing dozens of packages.

Common problems on VPS systems include not enough memory (so-called
"burst memory" on OpenVZ systems is rarely actually available...it just
means your VPS provider has oversold the heck out of the server, and is
pretending like you have a lot more memory than you actually do; trying
to allocate it will fail intermittently, which is pretty much the worst
possible thing memory can do, since it leads to mysterious failures
rather than sensible out of memory errors and it doesn't show up as
memory problems in top or free), custom installations that don't have a
complete OS install or are missing files that Virtualmin or some of its
packages require.

You probably want to remove the Apache related packages and try again
(many of the MPM types conflict and can prevent installation). And then
remove any other packages that Virtualmin installs to see if there is
some conflicting combination.


Thanks for taking the time to answer this. As I suspected, it was the fact that the vps host installed things for me before handing control over to me. I can try and get them to do a clean reinstall, installing nothing else or I can manually remove what's needed (if I know what to remove that is!)

That being said, the log can be found here (at a temp location here at home) -> http://home.xaerolimit.net:2500/~chris/backup/virtualmin-install.log 

Is there a list of what virtualmin does install, so I can go in and just blanketly remove everything and start fresh?

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