Welcome, Agnello.


This list is not very active, in my experience, so you might also consider joining some other Webmin related lists also.


I am in a somewhat similar situation to you, but I’ve been working with the Webmin code for about a year.  My Perl experience is still rather limited.


What you will find is that Webmin is a superb example of tight, efficient coding.  Jamie Cameron, I grovel before his magnificence, has created a system that allows you to abstract most common administrative functions into a common, user-friendly interface.  Webmin provides an “ecosystem” from which you can build additional modules to meet your specific needs.


That said, it will take you some time to figure out how it all goes together.  Because Webmin code is based up on the use of subroutines contained within a few major API files (e.g., Webmin.cor, ui-lib.pl, etc.), you have to follow references through multiple files to understand the structure of a particular module.


The best way to understand this would be to first read the documentation.  This will take time, and there is no real “programming” book for Webmin.  You should work through the module creation example and examine the API libraries.  What you will find is, there are pre-built subroutines and variables for nearly all required graphical elements and most “housekeeping” functions (e.g., figuring out who the logged in user is).


I would also look at a simple module and breakdown its structure and program control flow.  If you don’t already use Firefox and Firebug, I would suggest trying them.


If you have specific questions, I’ll try to help you, as others have helped me, with my own limited knowledge.


Michael Peoples (mp4783)

Senior Systems Manager


Office/Cell:  614-886-0923



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From: Agnello George [mailto:agnello.dsouza@gmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2011 3:38 PM
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Subject: [webmin-devel] New joinee to webmin-dev



I am a new joinee to webmin-dev, i have written a few perl cgi programs and consider my self a learner in perl programming,   my main reason for joining this list is to to understand the framework in which the webmin is written and to improve my perl programming skills by referring to already existing well written code. I would love to contribute  but i would have to come up to speed for that and that might take some time . Thought this is nice way to introduce my self,  its a honor to be in this list .

Thank you


Agnello D'souza