Hmm. ReadParseMime() is giving me a "Error - Missing Headers".  Im sure Im doing something stupid but I've been over it 3 times.

This is my submit code (pardon the commented out lines pls):


require '';

#my $bodyTags= "onLoad=window.setTimeout('window.location.reload()',10*1000);";
ui_print_header('RedDwarf Deployment Directory', 'NPHOS', '',undef,0,0,0,undef,u
#print ui_form_start('delete_deployed.cgi','post');
#print ui_columns_start(["Select","File name"]);
#my @filenames = list_directory("/opt/local/reddwarf/10.2.1/deploy");
#foreach $filename (@filenames){
#   ui_checked_columns_row($filename,undef,'file_select_check',$filename);
#print ui_columns_end();
#print ui_form_end([[undef,"Delete checked files"]]);
#print ui_hr();
#print ui_subheading('File Upload');
print ui_form_start("upload_deployed.cgi","form-data");
print ui_upload("upload_file");
print ui_form_end([["ok","Upload file"]]);
ui_print_footer(undef,"NPHOS Platform page");

And this is upload_deployed.cgi:


require '';

#my $filename = $in{'filename'};
#open(FILE, "/opt/local/reddwarf/10.2.1/deploy/$filename");
#print FILE $in{'upload_file'};

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 10:03 AM, Jeffrey Kesselman <> wrote:
One more stupid Q sorry, how do I fetch the name of the uploaded file?  Is it another key on $in?

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 11:09 PM, Jamie Cameron <> wrote:
On 11/Jan/2011 19:22 Jeffrey Kesselman <> wrote ..
> I want to only allow my users to upload and delte fiels from specific
> directories so I am building my own file management interface.
> Is there a minimal working example of both setting up the ui_upload
> interface and handling the resulting form-data?
> Its all a bit greek to me right at the moment...

The code for the form would be like :

print ui_form_start("upload.cgi", "form-data");
print "Choose a file : ",ui_upload("file");
print ui_form_end([ [ "ok", "Upload" ] ]);

And for the parser upload.cgi :

open(FILE, ">/path/to/destfile");
print FILE $in{'file'};

 - Jamie

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