James –


You should be able to use $REMOTE_USER in the command that is being executed in Webmin  I’ve done this in USermin. I assume it’s the same in Webmin. 


So, in the the webmin command configuration for the command I you would put:


/home/user/scripts/id-test.sh $REMOTE_USER



Then, in your script, you would have USER=$1  (or whatever the syntax is in bash to get the first argument)


Like I said, I’ve done this in Usermin, but it should work similarly in Webmin.






From: Johnson, James A [mailto:J1Johnson@unum.com]
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Subject: [webmin-l] Problems with passing $REMOTE_USER


I’m trying to execute a bash script through webmin and have the current webmin users login name be passed to the script. I’ve googled a bit and found that $REMOTE_USER is the environmental variable that should pass that information to the script but it’s not working.


Here’s the script:






echo ""

echo "The user executing this script is $USER"

echo ""


exit 0;


The result when I execute the script is:


Output from ssh -l user linuxserver /home/user/scripts/id-test.sh ..

Authentication successful.


The user executing this script is


I feel pretty stupid that I can’t make this work. I’ve also tried running the script like this:


ssh -l user linuxserver /home/user/scripts/id-test.sh $REMOTE_USER


And having the script read in $1 but it’s still not passing.


Any assistance would be appreciated … thanks!


- Jim