That’s what I thought, but I haven’t been able to get it working for me yet.  Let me add some specifics.


In Webmin I cloned the Custom Commands module and called my cloned module “MyTestModule.”  I added a custom command in that  module which outputs the date to the browser. (“date” command) I made sure I checked the “Available to Usermin” option in the command setup and saved it.  From webmin this command is working as expected.  In Usermin I don’t see the command anywhere…

Now, long term, what I am trying to do is:

a)      Put the command within a specific category in Usermin

b)      Limit who can run the command based on their LDAP account group information.

I don’t see anyway, within Usermin to assign this module to a specific category, since it isn’t showing up in the Reassign Modules screen. I also don’t see the modules available when I try to enforce Module Restrictions.


It feels like what is happening is the Module is in Webminand the command is available to Usermin, but there is some sort of disconnect between the module being available in  Usermin and being able to apply the appropriate security, assignments, etc.


Bottom line is I’m not sure how to get at that custom command from within Usermin, add it to a category, and secure who can use it.  Is this possible?




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You should be able to make a custom command visible in Usermin by setting "Available in Usermin" to "Yes" when editing the command in Webmin.

Brian Bouchard <> wrote:

I apologize in advance. I know this is the most basic of tasks, but I haven’t found any documentation to help me out with this and I’m going nutz trying to figure it out on my own…


I have set up Webmin and Usermin and enabled PAM authentication for usermin.


I can’t figure out how to get a new custom command module into Usermin.  ( I did this once a few months ago, but my notes on how I did it aren’t complete and I can’t figure it out again L )  Once I have the module in Usermin, I think I understand how to use Module Restrictions to restrict its use to a specific group of people, but I can’t figure out how to get the module into Usermin to begin with.


Any help would be appreciated. I’m working on a pretty tight deadline to get this done now, and I’ve spent too much time fumbling through this already.


-          Brian