You should be able to make a custom command visible in Usermin by setting "Available in Usermin" to "Yes" when editing the command in Webmin.

Brian Bouchard <> wrote:

I apologize in advance. I know this is the most basic of tasks, but I haven’t found any documentation to help me out with this and I’m going nutz trying to figure it out on my own…


I have set up Webmin and Usermin and enabled PAM authentication for usermin.


I can’t figure out how to get a new custom command module into Usermin.  ( I did this once a few months ago, but my notes on how I did it aren’t complete and I can’t figure it out again L )  Once I have the module in Usermin, I think I understand how to use Module Restrictions to restrict its use to a specific group of people, but I can’t figure out how to get the module into Usermin to begin with.


Any help would be appreciated. I’m working on a pretty tight deadline to get this done now, and I’ve spent too much time fumbling through this already.


-          Brian