Our website hosting server is currently serving about 250 virtual hosts in a single Apache instance.  Because the needs of the sites are pretty cloneable, we use mov_vhost_alias based virtual hosting. 
We currently use a clone of the useradmin module to deploy the template subtrees into the user accounts.
Lately, however, two things have come along that are incompatible with our approach:
- desire on the part of a few sites to use FrontPage extensions
- suexec behavior (creating secure-from-other-sites files in their trees)
It's pretty clear to me that we need to migrate to a true NameVirtualHost architecture.
However, our account setup is done by volunteers, and the fewer steps we can require for it, the better off we'll be.  We can special-case the FrontPage stuff, but everyone really should get suexec behavior out of the box.
Any suggestions as to a clean way to set these up from a single dialog in Webmin, where adding the user could also add the proper stanza to the httpd config file?  Any way to wire modules together?  Or do we need to implement from scratch?