here is the complete CREATE DATABASE from Postgres level 9
    [ [ WITH ] [ OWNER [=] user_name ]
           [ TEMPLATE [=] template ]
           [ ENCODING [=] encoding ]
           [ LC_COLLATE [=] lc_collate ]
           [ LC_CTYPE [=] lc_ctype ]
           [ TABLESPACE [=] tablespace ]
           [ CONNECTION LIMIT [=] connlimit ] ]
Best regards

--- On Wed, 3/23/11, Jamie Cameron <> wrote:

From: Jamie Cameron <>
Subject: Re: [webmin-l] [WEBMIN] Template name needed for "Create Database"
To: "Webmin users list" <>
Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 2:12 PM

I guess this could be added - what parameter to CREATE TABLE would you use to specify the template though? 
On 23/Mar/2011 07:22 Francisco Leovey <> wrote ..
When attempting to create a new database... using PostgreSQL 8.4
If character set encoding is set to SQL_ASCII
then it errs because Template1 is utf-8
For this case you must supply the appropiate template and Webmin does not have the field to do it ( I checked in all the themes)
Please add it as an option to the newdb_form.cgi
Thank you

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