Nothing happened. Eventually the browser timed out. It did get installed in /usr/libexec/webmin but nothing was put in in /etc/webmin . Can I look at any log files to see where it is hanging? Also, I looked and I'm actually running red hat 6.2 if that makes a difference.


At 02:37 PM 11/10/01 +1100, Jamie Cameron wrote:
Justin Rains <justin@wsicnslt.com> wrote ..
>       Hi all.. I'm trying to install a module and I'm getting the following
> output to my console:
> [root@wsiwww webmin]# tar: ./portalplanet/module.info: Not found in archive
> tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
> Does this have something to do with permissions somewhere? I'm attaching
> the module to this e-mail.. I'm trying to install the template tarball
> from
> http://www.niemueller.de/webmin/writers-help/download/module-template-0.79.1.tar.gz..
> Trying to install it from a local file doesn't work either. I'm running
> the
> RPM version of webmin on Red Hat 6.1.

That message always appears and can actually just be ignored, if the module
actually got installed properly. What appeared in your browser where you tried
the install?

 - Jamie

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