On 6/21/2012 10:33 AM, Maxwell Smart wrote:
I have two questions:

How can I use a non standard port when backing up using the Virtualmin backup feature via ssh?

From the online help (click "Backup Destination" to get the full help):

"If backing up to an SSH or FTP server on a non-standard port, you can enter it in the server field separated from the hostname with a colon, like backupserver.yourdomain.com:2222 ."

I am backing up to /storage/backup and getting a failed to backup because it's trying to write the .dom and .info file in the /storage directory and not the backup directory.  How do I get it to backup all files to the backup directory?
What backup format are you using?

In my case, I have a "File on server" field...not a directory. So, I use something like:


Where the backup metadata gets written to /home/backup, and the backup data gets written into /home/backup/virtualmin.com-backup-%d%m%Y

I'm not sure why it doesn't put the metadata in the same place, though. We'd need to ask Jamie. But, adding another element to your path will resolve your specific permissions problem.