Yes, this is right.
But if I create a mailbox with a prefix domain2.test under the virtual server domain1.test and would then create a virtual server with the domain domain2.test to me appears:
"The username prefix domain2.test is already in use by domain1.test" .

Am 17.04.2011 20:07, schrieb Jamie Cameron:
Virtualmin doesn't let you use a prefix already in use though.  

Danny Löser <> wrote:

Well, depends on the circumstances.
The user could indeed use the domain of another user as a prefix, and 
that would then lead to user name conflicts.
Because even the IMAP/POP3/FTP Username changes.

Am 17.04.2011 08:19, schrieb Jamie Cameron:
 Unfortunately there is no way to prevent this currently. However, 
allowing users to change the prefix should be pretty harmless ..

On 16/Apr/2011 13:31 Danny Löser <> wrote ..

Yes, only root should be able.

Am 16.04.2011 21:51, schrieb Jamie Cameron:
Do you mean you don't want anyone other than root to be able to 
change the prefix for new domains?

On 16/Apr/2011 12:36 Danny Löser <> wrote ..

Hi, how can I achieve that "Prefix for mail usernames?" always the 
domain is?
So that a user can not change it, not by the creating, and not later.