Il 28/04/10 19.31, Jamie Cameron ha scritto:
On 28/Apr/2010 01:45 Lazzaro NicolÚ Ciccolella <> wrote ..
I'm new to the list and is the first time I use webmin.

Maybe the answer to my question is in the official documentation but, sorry, I can not find it.
I had created a webmin user which only has access to the webmin module "System-> Users and groups".
This user must create and manage some linux users (these are the users of some client connected via LAN to my ltsp server were run webmin).
I would not like that he can see or handle unix users like cups, lp etc..
I would like
that he can see and manage only those in the "users" group.
My version of webmin (on ubuntu) is 1.510.
Thanks for any suggestions
You can set this kind of limited access up in Webmin - just go to the Webmin Users module, click on the new user, then click on Users and Groups. This will bring up a page for limiting exactly which users and groups he can edit, among other things.

†- Jamie
thank you very much Jamie, † everything is configurable in detail..