Hi Jamie,

ahhhhhhh ........   I was hoping that this module would be my life line.....

I am in Thailand and in common with many many other countries in this region (like Malaysia, Singapore, China, ....)  ADSL and PPPoE are very common.  PPPoE is entered as the service type.   There are no alternatives in the shops at all.  I had to check the shops a week ago and I bought a Billion ADSL router since the Billion tech support told me (even after checking with the supervisor) that it could be separated to a simple modem  ...  but apparently not.

So I have defaulted back to my Linksys.  The modem and router are in the same box, apparently integrated.  I cannot figure out what is the purpose of being able to turn off the dhcp server though if the modem cannot otherwise be accessed.

The challenge is how to get only the public dns on the nic that connects to the Linksys box without using the Linksys dhcp server there (since the dhcp on the server works well and looks after the lan).   I thought that this module would simply access the ISP and identify the dns address (or allow use of opendns for example).

Not that I really have much of a clue, but I am thinking that the only solution to me will be to set a static ip on that nic and then use a dmz or go on a steep learning curve and learn how to set up a separate a subnet.

Do you happen to know if there is any module likely to emerge that answers this need?  I know this would be totally irrelevant to users in the States who enjoy rather different technology but those of us elsewhere on the planet have a different level of technology to play with ....


On 04/15/2010 11:28 PM, Jamie Cameron wrote:

No, the ADSL module won't help here - it is designed to connect your Linux box to an ADSL modem that uses PPPoE.

These actually pretty un-common these days - most people use a box like your Linksys that has a router and modem combined.

 - Jamie 

On 15/Apr/2010 01:23 peter <petercmx@gmail.com> wrote ..

I was wondering if the Webmin ADSL module is going to help me solve a problem .... but I cannot find any documentation telling me what the module does ..... Any ideas?

What I am hoping is that it will solve a problem .... I am just in the process of setting up a Debian server. I will use the DHCP server as part of the Debian setup to manage the lan IP addresses. I want to turn off the external DHCP server which is part of the Linksys ADSL modem / router and use just the modem.

The challenge I have is knowing what I need to do in order to get the public DNS on the eth1. When I turn off the DHCP on the modem / router not a lot happens apart from no longer being able to access the settings .......... So I am looking at this Webmin module and wondering if it is to manage the ADSL connection and find the public DNS address ....

The local DHCP server is working well for the lan, I am just stuck for the external DNS.