I was wondering if the Webmin ADSL module is going to help me solve a problem .... but I cannot find any documentation telling me what the module does ..... Any ideas?

What I am hoping is that it will solve a problem .... I am just in the process of setting up a Debian server. I will use the DHCP server as part of the Debian setup to manage the lan IP addresses. I want to turn off the external DHCP server which is part of the Linksys ADSL modem / router and use just the modem.

The challenge I have is knowing what I need to do in order to get the public DNS on the eth1. When I turn off the DHCP on the modem / router not a lot happens apart from no longer being able to access the settings .......... So I am looking at this Webmin module and wondering if it is to manage the ADSL connection and find the public DNS address ....

The local DHCP server is working well for the lan, I am just stuck for the external DNS.