Jamie Cameron wrote:
On 30/Oct/2007 00:02 Richard Chapman wrote ..

I have an old mail server which uses mbox type mail folders. I presume 
this is why simple actions (like moving email to trash or to sent) are 
painfully slow. I am trying to set up a new server which I would like to 
use maildir - in the hope that this is a faster option for most things. 
My intention is to use postfix (because I think it will be simpler to 
configure and maintain than sendmail), dovecot for imap clients and 
usemin and/or squirrelmail for web based access.

Yes, Maildir will be much faster in this case - deleting a single
message from an mbox can mean re-writing the whole file.

I think I have postfix working - and have just installed usemin. I 
installed usemin before starting dovecot because dovecot looks like it 
will auto-detect the folders created by usemin. It appears to me that 
usemin is defaulting to mbox type folders. In particular the sent folder 
displays as type "file" at ~/mail/sentmail.  How were the "system" 
folders created? Can they also be created as maildir folders? There is 
no "Add Folder of Type:" option in usemin which looks like a maildir folder.

How do I persuade Usemin and/or dovecot  to create maildir type mail 
folders for all current and future users, and for both system (trash, 
sent. ...) and user defined mail folders.

If you are already running an IMAP server, I would suggest configuring
Usermin to talk to it rather than accessing the mail files directly - that
way you don't have to worry about configuring folders in two places.

The simplest way to get this setup is to install the version of Usermin
that is setup specifically for webmail via IMAP, and has a much nicer UI
for mail by default. You can get it from : http://www.webmin.com/uwebmail.html

 - Jamie

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So will this work with Q-mail in place of Squirelmail?