Hello Webmin/Usermin gurus, I have a very curious situation with a new server install of: Webmin 1.170 and Usermin 1.100. I have been using Webmin/Usermin nearly pain free for close to 4 years. I am building a new Mandrake 10.1 server to replace my current RH7.2. All-is-well with the new server except for my current Usermin 1.100 install. It will only work from the non SSL URL ( If I attempt to use the following URL ( to access Usermin I get the following odd error condition: The connection to has terminated unexpectedly. Some data may have been transferred. The webmn URL works perfectly: on the same machine. Running tail -f on /var/log: messages, secure, httpd/error.log show no more information. The Webmin configuration of Usermin matches the same as on the RH7.2 box but only the RH server is operating both Webmin and Usermin under SSL as expected. The Mandrake box fails while attempting to connect to the Usermin server. Webmin configuration shows the Usermin server is running (also PS). Please advise, David.

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