Priority: 10

The priority should be a low number, but should probably not be 0.  A rule of thumb is to use 10 or 100.  That way you can always place a mail server before this server in an emergency.

Any entries in DNS (A, CNAME, MX, etc) should have either a trailing "." or should be shortnames.  There is a configuration in Webmin BIND Module Config which states whether to add the domain to the end or not, but good practice is to always put in a fully qualified domain name including the last ".".


marcus miller wrote:
sorry im still struggling!

the a names and the name aliases work or at least they resolve if i type
them into my browser.

to add an mx record for an alias of what do I enter in
the two boxes in the add mx record fields. (dots and all)

thanks again.

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marcus miller wrote:

;; ANSWER SECTION:    2h22m38s IN MX  0

Seems that you entered:

Prio: 0

Ie. there's no . (dot) at the end of "".  You've got
to enter: "" or "mail"

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