I have around 10 users tightly configured.

Each user is only allowed to connect from a certain IP, and each user is only allowed to manage certain dns zones and additionally each user is only allowed to edit certain records.


If I now go into any user, all those security and zone settings are back to default (looks like it) from the Webmin users page.


If I go into the config files on the server, all my configuration is still there and all security applies.


So Webmin sees my users, but no longer sees the confugration, but obviously still uses it.

I am unable to edit any users via Webmin control panel and now need to edit users by hand from the config files via ssh.

If I do try to edit any user, I am able to make changes, but as soon as I hit “save”, Webmin closes the page and redirects me to the “create new user “ screen,


Much wierdness


Please advise on how to proceed.


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