Please refer to an email you sent me Jamie around November 25th:
"Well, in some cases you might want to allow it .. at least for some templates.

There is a template-level option that can control if it is available to domain owners. In the next Virtualmin release, I will hide this menu completely in the case where no templates are allowed to be used."
That is what you told me.
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Sent: Monday, December 28, 2009 1:29 AM
Subject: Re: [webmin-l] Server Template

On 27/Dec/2009 14:54 Jeremy Jefferson <> wrote ..
Kind of dissapointed.  I thought the last version of virtualmin that was released on the 26th was suppose to make it so when no valud template is available that the option to change the server configuration template would not show.  Its still showing in the edit virtual server and still produces the same error:

Failed to modify server : Invalid template selected

That's odd, the option to choose a template should disappear in that case.

By what method did you take away the user's access to the template?

 - Jamie

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